About Makurazaki

 Makurazaki is a small city having about 20,000 population and located in the endof south-west of Kyushu. And it is a famous fishery port town. The catch of bonito is No.2 and the output of dried bonito is No.1 in both quality andvolume in Japan.
Makurazaki is also the production area of tea which was awarded three stars in the Delicious Food Contest in England recently.
The delicious and healthy food of “Funado-meshi (fisherman’s food)” using fresh bo-nito and local ingredient won the champion-ship in theS-1 GranPrix in Kagoshima.
This isa map for visiting old days and now of thetown, where people continue challen-ginga newthing while succeeding to a tra-dition.


In Kinzan area of Makurazaki, you can see an entrance of gallery of gold mine which was No.2 of production volume of gold in Edo-era. Kagoshima prefecture produces 95% of gold of national product in the 3 mines of Isa-city and Makurazaki-city. (You can observe the Kasuga mine if you make a reser
The first dike was built in southern coast of Satsuma Peninsula in 1775.
Takamori Saigo encountered a rainstorm on the way back from the exile place in 1859 and landed at Makurazaki to evacuate.
In 1920, Mr. Ko Hara, father of the modern bonitofishery, went to the south sea across the equator far from Makurazaki port by a small boat of 91 tons and developed fishing ground.